Video: Green Card Based on Marriage to a United States Citizen, Part 2 of 3 (Marrying an Illegal)

In this video, the Immigration Professor Attorney Robert A. Perkins describes the process that a United States Citizen has to go through when trying to get a green card for their spouse. In particular, he discusses the procedure of getting a waiver/pardon when the spouse has entered to the United States illegally. All of our immigration videos are available on our website,

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About Robert Perkins
Robert A. Perkins | Attorney at Law Robert A. Perkins is the sole partner and founder of Robert A. Perkins & Associates, PC. Since the establishment of the firm in 1994, Mr. Perkins' focus has been in Employment and Family Based Immigration. Mr. Perkins has represented many companies and individuals within the United States and abroad. His experience and knowledge of immigration have made him a nationally renowned attorney in his field. Immigration Attorney Robert A. Perkins is licensed and admitted in the State of Illinois and the US Supreme Court.

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