Video: O-1 Visas For Extraordinary Ability Visas

The Immigration Professor, Attorney Robert Perkins, discusses the criteria and procedures for O-1 visas for people of extraordinary ability in the arts, science, business or athletics.

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About Robert Perkins
Robert A. Perkins | Attorney at Law Robert A. Perkins is the sole partner and founder of Robert A. Perkins & Associates, PC. Since the establishment of the firm in 1994, Mr. Perkins' focus has been in Employment and Family Based Immigration. Mr. Perkins has represented many companies and individuals within the United States and abroad. His experience and knowledge of immigration have made him a nationally renowned attorney in his field. Immigration Attorney Robert A. Perkins is licensed and admitted in the State of Illinois and the US Supreme Court.


2 Responses to “Video: O-1 Visas For Extraordinary Ability Visas”
  1. Geovane says:

    Hiii My name Is geovane Im dancer now im in U.S , I work with one Internacional company dance,
    I have all document to do O1 visa. i would like to know if i can do O1 without Lawyer ??

    Thank you

  2. Hi!
    Please call our office to schedule a phone consult at: 310-384-0200
    Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm
    The Initial consult is free!

    Also you can email us at

    With Respect: Robert P.

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