Obama New Law – Deferred Action (DACA)

Obama New Law – Deferred Action (DACA) – Sees First Round Of Approvals

President Obama’s announcement this summer of deferred action for young people brought here by their parents at a young age has spurred a huge round of applications and some approvals. (See below) As of October 10, 2012, according to figures from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), immigration officials had accepted nearly 180,000 DACA requests; scheduled nearly DACA 160,000 appointments to submit fingerprints; and formally granted deferred action/DACA to 4,591 people. The processing of DACA applications has been done in a relatively speedy fashion by USCIS which is really good news. Our offices have had many DACA applications approved already. Although the pace of DACA approvals thus far appears good, it is hard to predict if USCIS will continue processing approvals at that pace and the Wall Street Journal has reported that USCIS predicts that some people who applied for DACA in August may wait until January or February until getting their approvals.

Our offices experienced a flood of applications in August and September with a drop off in October. Many applicants have held off on applying for deferred action/DACA until after the presidential election. President Obama has committed to the program. However, candidate Mitt Romney has not had a consistent position on the issue. Most recently, Mr. Romney pledged to discontinue DACA, at least for individuals who have not yet received deferred action. It is not clear how his administration would treat DACA applicants whose requests for deferred action have been granted, but have not received an employment card. DACA does contain immunity provisions for those applying which would likely shield applicants from being deported by a Romney administration.

Our office represents DACA applicants across the United States in getting their DACA’s and work cards granted. To get more information about DACA contact our offices toll free at 888-439-4560.

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    I am Rao Azhar visa consultant from Pakistan.I have many clients who want to American immigration some want to work permit and some want to study permit and visit visa.I want to work with you.Please tell me your term and condition and fee policy.Thanx

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  3. how to process my papers to get a work visa in USA having an invitation by an employer?

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    Sir iam razak shareef from India.MY wife is a green card holder i got married on 26jan 2012 she is in usa and iam in india now i want to go there to stay with my wife in usa so please tel me which visa should i apply and how much time it takes to approve


    If not can i apply for student visa sir please answer to my two questions ?

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