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Romanian Pastor Cristian Ionescu Shares His Inspirational Thoughts On Immigration Attorney Robert A. Perkins’ Successes (English Version)

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Credo TV (CTV) Interviews Immigration Professor, Attorney Robert Perkins, On International Achievements with Romanian Immigration

In this video Attorney Robert Perkins, The Immigration Professor, discusses his ties to the Romanian community and various immigration issues that affect Romanians.

All of our videos on immigration topics are available on our website (, Viddler ( and on YouTube (

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Attorney Robert A. Perkins & His Contributions To Romanian Immigration

Romanian FlagRobert A. Perkins & Associates has been serving the Romanian community since taking his first pro bono Romanian asylum case in 1991. Mr. Perkins won the case in 1992 and that client soon started referring other pro bono clients to Mr. Perkins. Fairly soon thereafter, Mr. Perkins developed a large national client base in the Romanian community. This included priests from the Romanian Orthodox Church, Pastors from Romanian Evangelical Churches and a host of other Romanian clients from all walks of life.

In 1994, Mr. Perkins very first Romanian client introduced him to his wife Ana Maria, who is from Bucharest and the two were married in 1996. The Perkins now have two children and live close to the firm’s Los Angeles office.

Also in 1994 Mr. Perkins was asked by the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate to represent 30 young men and women (mostly ages 17-26) from Romania stowed away on board ships and came to the United States claiming asylum. The cases got national attention from the New York Times after it was revealed that these stowaways were shackled together and mistreated while in detention. Additionally, they were not given hearings by immigration judges to determine whether they could stay in the United States. Mr. Perkins brought suit against the government for its failure to hold hearings winning a precedent case called Marincas v. Lewis. Ultimately, most of the stowaways were freed and granted asylum.

In recent years the firm handles complex business immigration cases for Romanians including H-1Bs, PERM Labor Certification, Investor Visas and complex deportation cases. While the firm now represents clients of a variety of nationalities, the Romanian people hold a special place in our hearts.

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