Cutting out all the legal stuff, how about justing  listening to what the Soncodi Family has to say out our services.  Enjoy…

Soncodi Family Celebrates at Disney World

We always dreamed of immigrating to the United States and raising our family in a country where we could be free.  After years of waiting and hoping for an answer on our asylum case, we hired Robert Perkins to help us. 

Soncodi Family Celebrates at Disney WorldWe were so impressed by Robert’s preparation of our case, learning all about our country and its nuances.  He won the case even after the government issued an intent to deny and we were facing deportation. 

We spent so much time with Robert going over details that we became friends with the entire Perkins family; Robert and his wife Ana are now the godparents of our daughter Julie. 

We could never have imagined such a wonderful relationship. Thank you Robert Perkins for making our dreams come true.

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