Green Card Services

Family Based
The majority of immigrant visas are given to people based upon their familial relationship with United States Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents. Except for immediate relatives, the time a person has to wait to receive a visa based upon a family relationship depends upon their visa category. Even though the petition for a visa may be approved, a potential immigrant must wait until petitions with their priority date are processed.

Employment Based
There is a multiple step process in receiving a Employment Based Green Card. To complete the process usually takes several years. Also entitled to the same status are the spouses and minor children of the preference immigrants; this includes the same order o consideration if following or accompanying the preference immigrants.

Investment Based
Both permanent residence and a “temporary” visa are available for foreigners who are seeking to invest in a new or already existing enterprise located in the United States. The “temporary” visa, called an E-2 Investor Visa, is only available to applicants from certain countries.

Asylum/Refugee Status
Many individuals enter the country legally and apply for asylum with the INS. When this happens, they are given an asylum interview after several months. Ten days after the interview they are supposed to come back to the INS to receive the decision.

Visa Lottery
The Diversity Lottery program is an annual visa program administered by the Department of State that allows for aliens of eligible countries to petition to apply for one of 50,000 visas through a lottery system.

Other Ways
There are other ways in which one may qualify for a Green Card. Such ways consist of Special Immigrants criteria; Certain current and Former United States Government Employees; Certain Foreign Medical Graduates; and Certain Officers of International Organizations and Their Families.

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