Monika, Radu & Adina… Thank you Mr. Perkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mr. Perkins,

Hope you and your family are well!

We got the email we’ve been waiting for so long from USCIS. Our application to register permanent residence was approved and they ordered the production of our green cards. We are happy beyond belief!

Thank you so much for everything you did for us Mr. Perkins!!! This was quite the journey and we got to the end of it only because of you! We’ll never forget how much you helped us to get here and then with all the steps required to complete this long process!

We feel like the weight of the world was lifted from our shoulders. It’s hard to believe that we don’t have to check anymore the monthly Visa Bulletins or follow the threads on Immigration Voice or Trackitt and we’ll have to remember to stop praying to get our green cards soon once they’ll be mailed to us.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Monika, Radu and Adina

Bilyana Asenova… Bulgaria

Dear Robert:

Thank you so much for helping me and my daughter get our green cards and live a good life here in the USA. It was a long process and the government fought us every step of the way. However, in the end it was worth it!

I am very grateful for your patience in explaining absolutely everything to me during the long process but more importantly for always being my advocate.

It really helped me to know you were on my side when I got down.

Thanks again Robert!

Patrick Green… Via Online Social Media

This photo is in the O’Hare Airport terminal 1 taken Nov 1st 2010. This is me and my wife finally arriving in Chicago after 8 months of waiting for our IV interview. Going through the process of getting a Visa or a Green Card is difficult sometimes down right impossible. And if you are getting one for a relative it can be agonizing.

Having a lawyer help can be a benefit to you but let me say having the right lawyer will be a huge benefit. When me and my wife started this process I called a few lawyers and was quoted crazy prices from people who sounded like robots. Then I was referred by a friend to the “Immigration Professor“. His prices are reasonable and his knowledge, experience and his personality are unmatchable. Robert Perkins is definitely a lawyer I can feel confident referring to friends.

Emil Petrov… Via Online Social Media

My dear friend,

I want to say one huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Your help was PRICELESS and you will remain our friend FOREVER!!!! Wow it was heluva fight…

Godspeed and Good Luck to yall!!!!!

Hany El-Nady… Via Online Social Media

Hany El-Nady

Hany El-Nady's Endorsement

Dear Professor:

I just watched one of your amazing videos early this morning. the information I learned from the video are so rich and valuable, I really wished I had watched it long ago. It would have saved me years… I couldn’t stop myself and posted it on an immigration forum as I am sure others may benefit from your rich information.

Thanks for your help!
Hany El-Nady

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Allan Maigue & Jenny Chew… Philippines

Allan Maigue & Jenny Chew with Attorney Robert Perkins in the middle | Clients of Immigration Attorney Robert A. Perkins 310-384-0200 | http://Immigration-Professor.com

Robert, thank you so much for getting Allan’s green card so quickly. You are our favorite attorney! When Allan was moving from Chicago to be with me in California we didn’t know what to do. We were so impressed with your friendliness and service and enjoyed meeting you and your family. Please stay in touch with us.

Your favorite and first client in California…SUCCESS!!! Thanks a lot!

Adoptive Parents Peter and Lilia Logsdon

Peter Logsdon-001Thank you Mr. Perkins for helping my family out. We adopted my nieces who had come to the country illegally and needed a home. Because of you, my adopted daughters Myrel and Sol are in college and doing well. You are a great lawyer.

Thanks again. Peter Logsdon

University of Illinois College of Law Graduate…

Professor Perkins was my Immigration Law Professor at the University of Illinois College of Law. He really inspired me to enter into this area, and I thoroughly enjoy the practice.

Thanks Professor Perkins for all of your good help and inspiration!

Michael R. Jarecki, Esq.

Radu David & Family… Romania

Radu David & Family001We want to thank Mr. Robert Perkins for the outstanding work he did in obtaining the H1B Visa for myself and H4 Visas for my wife and our daughter. He also helped us file for adjustment of status, get our Employment Authorization Cards and Advance Paroles.

Mr. Perkins came personally to USCIS Chicago’s office and persuaded the Immigration Officer to grant me an Emergency Advance Parole for a family matter.

His integrity, competence and personal service make Mr. Perkins one of the best immigration attorneys. He took our case seriously and resolved our problems very quickly.”

Thank you Mr. Perkins!

Ai & Jason Lockhard Family… Vietnam & Australia

The Lockhard FamilyMy husband and I really enjoyed the outstanding service Robert and his assistant Jennifer gave us in our immigration. Robert was a huge help to me in getting my H-1B and ultimately my green card during a very stressful time in life… I was pregnant with my first child.

What had been a nerve wracking process became so much better every time I talked to Robert and his staff. They were so helpful answering all my questions.

Hat’s off to Robert, Jennifer and the rest for all their good help. , Vietnam & Australia (11/2009)

Ai Lockhard

From John & Elisabeth Iminovici… Romanian Olympians

Hello Robert, We are very grateful to you that you believed in our case and that you did not give up even when we were afraid to continue the process. God help you as much as you helped us and God give you happiness as much as to give us with this win!

We still cannot believe what had happened to us!

Thank you again. We are going to advertise your name as much as we could.

John & Elizabeth, Romanian Olympians

Immigration Professor Attorney Robert Perkins offers online scheduling, call 310-384-0200 to learn more

Shaikh Family Reunited

Shaikh Family001aI came from Pakistan in December 1983 hoping to find the American dream. I worked hard as a busboy, waiter, and eventually made it to the point where I was the top salesman at a Toyota dealership. I had worked hard to get where I was and loved America (and still do!). Despite all my success my goal of getting a green card was elusive. It wasn’t only just the card; I hadn’t seen my family for many years. I had tried to do everything possible to get a green card. I even had a federal judge trying to help to process.

After 15 years I was frustrated and almost at the point of giving up when I consulted with Robert Perkins. Robert and his staff were extremely thoughtful and proactive in talking to everyone who might help me and eventually found a way for me to get my green card. Then, after that, they took aggressive steps to make sure my wife and family were able to come here and live the dream with me.

Thank you Robert Perkins! And thanks to your lovely wife Ana and the rest of your people for ending my stress and making my world a better place!

Mr. Salim “Haji” Shaikh and Family

From Attorney Scott Turow…

Attorney & Published Author Scott Turow

Attorney & Published Author Scott Turow

As a former Sonnenschein attorney, Robert Perkins is very familiar with the thorough, hard work necessary to effectively represent clients. I have worked with Bob and his staff on immigration matters and have been extremely pleased with their services. I would highly recommend the Perkins firm to any company or individual needing immigration counsel.

Scott Turow, Popular Author and Attorney at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal

From Dr. Gursharn Bindra, Aristo Health Inc.

I enthusiastically recommend Bob and his staff. We used the Perkins firm for both H-1Bs and green cards. The personal attention given by the firm is exceptional, and they have been able to find creative solutions to meet our staffing needs. Congratulations to Robert A. Perkins & Associates on an excellent job.

Dr. Gursharn Bindra, Aristo Health, Inc., New Jersey

From Harry Schlough…

We hired RAP & Associates to take care of our marriage petition at a time in our lives when we were incredibly busy. He also took care of our daughter’s citizenship certificate. Robert and his staff provided a personal touch that we appreciated. They kept us well informed throughout the process and navigated us through the complicated maze of immigration procedures as fast as possible. I recommend the Perkins firm to anyone wanting help in immigration matters.

Harry Schlough, Hillsborough, CA

From Robert Gilliam…

Our district has had a wonderful experience with the Perkins firm. We had switched to them after using a large firm and found that their focus and expertise in immigration law has made our recruiting go much smoother. Both Mr. Perkins and his staff are always available to us and are extremely responsive to our questions and needs. They routinely start early on our visa work to ensure that our staff arrives on time for the semester.

Robert Gilliam, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for School District U-46

Immigration Professor Attorney Robert Perkins offers online scheduling, call 310-384-0200 to learn more

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